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Player: Shi FengLanTang Dan[×]:All Red Black Win Draw Loss Red Win Black Win Red Draw Black Draw Red Loss Black Loss
No.MatchDateRoundTableGameMovesOpeningViewsEventsLast Update
12021-09-2522 Shi FengLan 0-2 Tang Dan80Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange15502021 1st ShangHai Cup XiangQi Master Open Woman group2021-09-25 21:20:57
22021-07-2524 Tang Dan 2+0 Shi FengLan79Cross Palace Cannon Filed chaRiot VS Ranked chaRiot24602021 14th National Games of the People's Republic of China Women's individual Preliminary2021-07-25 18:08:20
32021-01-14101 Tang Dan 2+0 Shi FengLan94Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon45402020National XiangQi Individual Championship Women2021-01-14 17:42:41
42020-10-29142 ShiFengLan 2+0 TangDan99Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence73302020 National Women's XiangQi League2020-10-31 13:13:40
52019-11-0251 ShiFengLan 0-2 TangDan2465th & 8th Cannons VS Screen Horses44472020 National Women's XiangQi League2019-11-03 00:29:17
62019-09-1321 ShiFengLan 0-2 TangDan130Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange20572019 5th ShanXi BaoBao Cup Xiangqi Tournament Master class Women2019-09-13 11:57:35
72018-10-3111 ShiFengLan 0-2 TangDan105Central Cannon,others34342018-2019 National Women's XiangQi League2018-10-31 17:29:49
82018-09-24716 TangDan 2+0 ShiFengLan61Central Cannon,others15222018 4th ShanXi BaoBao Cup Xiangqi Tournament Mixed group Trail2018-09-27 18:46:53
92018-09-0321 Tang Dan 2+0 Shi FengLan69Central Cannon RB Cannon VS Screen Horses22992018 8th Yang GuangLin Cup XiangQi Open Professional Women's Division2018-09-03 18:51:36
102017-10-17172 TangDan 2+0 ShiFengLan119Filed chaRiot Same Direction Cannon Boxed chaRiot61112018 National Women's XiangQi League2018-05-08 17:53:37
112017-10-2942 Tang Dan 2+0 Shi FengLan77Pawn Right Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon31142017 National XiangQi Individual Championship Women2017-10-29 17:32:03
122017-10-1821 TangDan 2+0 ShiFengLan695th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn47802018 National Women's XiangQi League2017-10-18 13:51:53
132017-10-1013 TangDan 2+0 ShiFengLan85Central Cannon,others20332017 YuHuang Cup XiangQi Tournament Women2017-10-11 17:50:22
142016-04-25152 ShiFengLan 2+0 TangDan1015th & 8th Cannons VS Screen Horses61222016 National Women's XiangQi League2016-04-25 13:20:46
152014-01-06111 ShiFengLan 0-2 TangDan765th & 8th Cannons VS Screen Horses56652013年 National Women's XiangQi League2014-01-07 12:11:02
162013-04-2531 TangDan 0-2 ShiFengLan59Central Cannon,others42832013 China Xiangqi Woman's Team Championship2013-04-25 21:31:45
172012-09-1955 Tang Dan 2+0 Shi FengLan169Central Cannon River Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses defence31912012 5th Yang GuangLin Cup XiangQi Open Professional Women's Division2012-09-20 01:19:51
182011-08-2731 TangDan 2+0 ShiFengLan71Cross Palace Cannon VS Left Horse39912011 1st World Mind Classic Sports Games Trials Women2011-08-29 13:16:20
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