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Player: DongJiaQiWangZiHan[×]:All Red Black Win Draw Loss Red Win Black Win Red Draw Black Draw Red Loss Black Loss
No.MatchDateRoundTableGameMovesOpeningViewsEventsLast Update
12021-06-0112 DongJiaQi 0-2 WangZiHan90Central Cannon RB Cannon VS Screen Horses12122021 National Women's XiangQi League2021-06-02 00:29:14
22021-06-0112 WangZiHan 1=1 DongJiaQi68Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses with RB Horse9772021 National Women's XiangQi League2021-06-02 00:29:08
32019-11-27517 DongJiaQi 1=1 WangZiHan56Cross Palace Cannon Filed chaRiot VS VS 2nd-5th Cannon10412019 National XiangQi Individual Championship Women2019-11-28 13:17:25
42019-06-0564 DongJiaQi 1=1 WangZiHan51Cross Palace Cannon,others10732019 BoRui Cup XiangQi Master Open Women2019-06-05 17:03:30
52018-11-22910 DongJiaQi 0-2 WangZiHan72Horse VS 7th Pawn9862018 National XiangQi Individual Championship Women2018-11-22 13:04:37
62018-05-1854 DongJiaQi 2+0 WangZiHan71Horse VS 7th Pawn12522018 5th JiangSu GaoGang Cup XiangQi Master Tournament Women2018-05-18 17:54:37
72016-04-1563 DongJiaQi 1=1 WangZiHan50Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence10982016 China Xiangqi Team Championship Women2016-04-19 20:29:51
82015-06-2612 WangZiHan 2+0 DongJiaQi67Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses with RB Horse59752015 National Women's XiangQi League Preliminary2015-06-27 15:20:29
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