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Player: JiangXi DengZhiQiang History PK Statistics (Click the Column Header reSorting ; Check out real-time Statistics; Player Name:Show "PK"; number:Link to Games List):
No.CheckOpp Player GamesTotal PKRateWinDrawLoss RedRateRed WinRed DrawRed Loss BlackRateBlack WinBlack DrawBlack Loss Last update
1Xie Jing11000110001000002015/9/19 14:39:14
2Xu Chao1150010150010000002015/9/19 14:39:46
3SunXinHao1150010000001500102017/4/8 14:49:12
4He WenZhe111001001100100000002017/10/24 17:54:13
5Li Yu11000100000100012017/10/24 17:58:02
6Nie TieWen111001001100100000002017/10/25 13:24:38
7Xie Kui11000100000100012017/10/25 18:20:43
8Li ShaoGeng11000100000100012018/4/9 14:42:45
9Wan ChunLin1000100000100012018/4/10 18:49:29
10Su Shaofeng150010150010000002018/4/14 17:42:36
11Zheng WeiTong11000110001000002018/11/13 12:07:04
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