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The 1st National XiangQi Ranking Tounament:Info Games Rank Pairing Stats
Match DateRoundTableRedResultBlackGameMovesOpeningViewsLast Update
2019123071Jiang Chuan0-2Wang YangView148Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others151582019-12-30 16:01:05
2019123071Wang Yang1=1Jiang ChuanView119Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant58792019-12-30 16:00:59
2019123071Wang Yang2+0Jiang ChuanView115Cross Palace Cannon VS Left Horse144152019-12-30 11:32:02
2019123071Jiang Chuan1=1Wang YangView72Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant55422019-12-30 11:31:47
2019122962Meng Chen0-2Hong ZhiView116Elephant VS 3th Pawn98592019-12-29 18:02:10
2019122962Hong Zhi1=1Meng ChenView88Horse VS 7th Pawn34652019-12-29 18:02:02
2019122961Wang Yang2+0Zhao XinXinView73Palcorner Cannon,others110042019-12-29 17:21:50
2019122961Zhao XinXin1=1Wang YangView73Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse34272019-12-29 17:21:41
2019122951Wang Yang2+0Meng ChenView227Cross Palace Cannon,others106642019-12-29 12:33:30
2019122952Zhao XinXin2+0Hong ZhiView55Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Right Elephant106872019-12-29 10:37:36
2019122952Hong Zhi1=1Zhao XinXinView56Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon29582019-12-29 10:37:18
2019122715Zhao XinXin0-2Meng ChenView118Elephant opening VS Left Horse73092019-12-28 21:24:44
2019122843Wang Yang2+0Wang TianYiView89Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse227532019-12-28 20:00:32
2019122843Wang Yang1=1Wang TianYiView274Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse64102019-12-28 20:00:23
2019122843Wang TianYi1=1Wang YangView80Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon48102019-12-28 20:00:08
2019122843Wang Yang1=1Wang TianYiView203Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant43922019-12-28 19:59:55
2019122842Meng Chen2+0Huang ZhuFengView105Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant62892019-12-28 18:23:11
2019122842Meng Chen1=1Huang ZhuFengView1625th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn22512019-12-28 18:22:58
2019122842Huang ZhuFeng1=1Meng ChenView156Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse16392019-12-28 18:22:47
2019122842Meng Chen1=1Huang ZhuFengView60Cross Palace Cannon VS Left Horse16752019-12-28 18:22:38
2019122841Hong Zhi0-2Jiang ChuanView232Pawn Right Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon60172019-12-28 17:35:01
2019122841Jiang Chuan1=1Hong ZhiView46Pawn VS Pawn25342019-12-28 17:34:54
2019122844Zhao XinXin2+0Zhao JinChengView103Elephant opening,others50542019-12-28 17:31:45
2019122844Zhao JinCheng1=1Zhao XinXinView50Horse VS 7th Pawn20902019-12-28 17:31:29
2019122834Meng Chen2+0Zheng WeiTongView1175th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn75982019-12-28 17:26:25
2019122833Huang HaiLin1=1Huang ZhuFengView65Central Cannon,others19692019-12-28 17:26:10
2019122833Huang HaiLin1=1Huang ZhuFengView125Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant10202019-12-28 17:26:01
2019122833Huang ZhuFeng1=1Huang HaiLinView157Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse10082019-12-28 17:25:53
2019122833Huang HaiLin1=1Huang ZhuFengView289Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant11082019-12-28 17:25:41
2019122831Jiang Chuan2+0Wang TianYiView233Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant90272019-12-28 15:46:24
2019122832Wang Yang0-2Hong ZhiView12653152019-12-28 15:24:42
2019122832Hong Zhi1=1Wang YangView58Horse VS 7th Pawn18382019-12-28 15:24:33
2019122835Zhao XinXin2+0Chen XingLinView105Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon30242019-12-28 15:24:14
2019122836Zhao JinCheng2+0Xie JingView63Horse VS 7th Pawn27402019-12-28 15:24:05
2019122836Xie Jing1=1Zhao JinChengView50Horse VS 7th Pawn11482019-12-28 15:23:57
2019122728Zhao JinCheng2+0CuiGeView46Cross Palace Cannon VS Left Horse41782019-12-27 20:08:34
2019122728CuiGe1=1Zhao JinChengView50Elephant opening,others16262019-12-27 20:08:26
2019122727Tang Dan0-2Zhao XinXinView525th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn64152019-12-27 20:08:17
2019122726Zheng WeiTong2+0Lu QinView57Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others68342019-12-27 20:08:07
2019122726Lu Qin1=1Zheng WeiTongView77Central Cannon,others25702019-12-27 20:07:58
2019122725Hao JiChao0-2Huang HaiLinView98Elephant VS 7th Pawn30422019-12-27 20:07:48
2019122725Huang HaiLin1=1Hao JiChaoView50Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon13712019-12-27 20:07:40
2019122717Lu Qin0-2Chen XingLinView181Central Cannon,others40612019-12-27 19:11:58
2019122717Chen XingLin1=1Lu QinView174Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others17432019-12-27 19:11:31
2019122717Lu Qin1=1Chen XingLinView55Palcorner Cannon VS 7th Pawn14642019-12-27 19:11:19
2019122715Meng Chen1=1Zhao XinXinView595th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn18152019-12-27 19:11:03
2019122716Tang Dan0-2Hong ZhiView186Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence61322019-12-27 18:11:00
2019122718Zheng WeiTong0-2Wang YangView170Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant92572019-12-27 18:10:18
2019122721Wang TianYi2+0Xie JingView63Elephant VS 3th Pawn109902019-12-27 18:05:38
2019122722Jiang Chuan2+0Huang ZhuFengView75Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon52932019-12-27 18:05:31
2019122723Meng Chen0-2Hong ZhiView106Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse55782019-12-27 18:05:22
2019122724Chen XingLin0-2Wang YangView102Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange46672019-12-27 18:05:13
2019122711Wang TianYi2+0Hao JiChaoView157Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon117392019-12-27 13:03:48
2019122714Jiang Chuan2+0Zhao JinChengView143Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence68422019-12-27 13:03:41
2019122713Huang ZhuFeng2+0CuiGeView73Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening42462019-12-27 13:03:25
2019122713CuiGe1=1Huang ZhuFengView50Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening16622019-12-27 13:03:15
2019122712Huang HaiLin0-2Xie JingView126Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse34772019-12-27 13:03:07
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