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No.Date StartDate EndEvent & InformationRelated LinksChampionChampion prizeTotal prizeGamesPlayersRoundsPlace
12023-03-202023-03-252023 China Xiangqi Team Championship Women-000AnHui
22023-03-202023-03-252023 China Xiangqi Team Championship men-000AnHui
32023-05-052023-08-112022 21st Asian Xiangqi Championship Team Men-000TaiGuo
42023-09-232023-10-082022 19th Asian Games XiangQi Mix Team-000hangzhou
52023-09-232023-10-082022 19th Asian Games XiangQi Women-000hangzhou
62023-09-232023-10-082022 19th Asian Games XiangQi Men-000hangzhou
72023-10-252023-11-042023 5th National Mind Sports Games XiangQi-000AnHui
82023-11-192023-11-252023 18th World XiangQi Championship-000USA
92023-99-992023-99-992022 XinTai Cup XiangQi Master Open Women3000078000000ShanDong
102023-99-992023-99-992022 XinTai Cup XiangQi Master Open Men50000134000000ZheJiang
112023-99-992023-99-992022 13th Nation Youth Xiangqi Campionship-000ZheJiang
122022-08-282023-03-112022 National Women's XiangQi League-000GuangDong
132023-02-262023-03-01The 3rd National XiangQi Ranking Tounament rank games pairing 30000080000047167ShenZhen
142023-02-202023-02-242022 17th WeiKai Realty Cup Non-Master Championship Men rank pairing JiangMingCheng-09311Shandong
152023-02-202023-02-242022 17th WeiKai Realty Cup Non-Master Championship Women rank pairing LiJiaNing-0399Shandong
162022-07-202023-02-232022 National XiangQi League rank team games pairing -9616527
172023-02-012023-02-0530th Wu Yang Cup Xiangqi Tournament300000900000000Guangzhou Civilization Park
182022-11-252022-11-272022 National XiangQi Rapid Individual Championship Women Super lighting game-000AnHui
192022-11-252022-11-272022 National XiangQi Rapid Individual Championship Men Super lighting game-000AnHui
202022-11-222022-11-242022 National XiangQi Rapid Individual Championship Women lighting game-000AnHui
212022-11-222022-11-242022 National XiangQi Rapid Individual Championship Men lighting game-000AnHui
222022-11-072022-11-102022 YiLian Cup Women's Master XiangQi Invitational Tournament Final rank games pairing WangWenJun10000031500059167ZheJiang
232022-05-192022-10-992022 National Amateur QiWang Tournament Men-000ZheJiang
242022-10-232022-10-302022 17th World XiangQi Championship U12 Girl-000Malaysia
252022-10-232022-10-302022 17th World XiangQi Championship U12 Boy-000Malaysia
262022-10-232022-10-302022 17th World XiangQi Championship U16 Girl-000Malaysia
272022-10-232022-10-302022 17th World XiangQi Championship U16 Boy-000Malaysia
282022-10-232022-10-302022 17th World XiangQi Championship women-000Malaysia
292022-10-232022-10-302022 17th World XiangQi Championship men-000Malaysia
302022-10-152022-10-152022 SenseRobot Cup Human-Computer Tournament rank games pairing -452ShangHai
312022-10-082022-10-102022 10th XiangQi Arena Tournament Rapid rank games pairing Zheng WeiTong10000033000035164GuangDong
322022-09-242022-09-272022 8th ChangYuDongTian Cup XiangQi Top12 Rating Player Tournament rank games pairing Zhao XinXin15000049000060167WenLing,ZheJiang
332022-09-182022-09-222022 2nd ShangHai Cup XiangQi Master Open Final women rank games pairing Chen XingLin-1483ShangHai
342022-09-182022-09-222022 2nd ShangHai Cup XiangQi Master Open Final men rank games pairing Wang TianYi-62246ShangHai
352022-09-012022-09-082022“Belt & Road” King of Xiangqi Xie Xiaxun Cup Xiangqi International Open1000050400000ZheJiang
362022-09-042022-09-082022 7th ShanXi BaoBao Cup Xiangqi Tournament juniors class88000399900000ShanXi
372022-08-252022-08-282022 6th JingYue Realty Cup South VS North Grand Master Xiangqi Rivalry rank team games pairing -2884ChangChun,JiLin
382022-08-272022-08-282022 China-Japan XiangQi Online Exchange Tournament rank team games pairing -27126Online
392022-08-242022-08-272022 National Women's XiangQi League Preliminary-000ShenZhen
402022-08-182022-08-202022 National College Student XiangQi Championship-000JiangSu
412022-08-082022-08-142019 Nation Junior Xiangqi and Boys Championships-000JiLin
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