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2021 14th National Games of the People's Republic of China Men's individual Open group Preliminary:Info Games Rank Pairing Stats
Match DateRoundTableRedResultBlackGameMovesOpeningViewsLast Update
2021072873Su Shaofeng1=1WangKuoView50Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon8242021-07-28 18:07:34
2021072871Zheng WeiTong2+0Wu JunQiangView299Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse26172021-07-28 18:07:16
2021072512Zhu XiaoHu0-2Jiang ChuanView50Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence14282021-07-28 18:06:44
2021072513Wu JunQiang1=1Zheng XinView116Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse5152021-07-28 18:06:39
2021072515Yu Bing1=1Li HanLinView47Central Cannon River Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses defence4712021-07-28 18:06:25
2021072516Wang RuiXiang1=1Zhong ShaoHongView44Horse opening,others3752021-07-28 18:06:21
2021072517XiaoChangJing0-2Su ShaofengView44Elephant VS 7th Pawn5722021-07-28 18:06:15
2021072518LiuJunDa1=1Li XueSongView87Horse opening,others3482021-07-28 18:06:11
2021072519Yu YouHua1=1Zheng YiHongView51Elephant VS 7th Pawn3482021-07-28 18:06:06
2021072872Yu Bing0-2Jiang ChuanView845th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn10802021-07-28 15:51:18
2021072761Jiang Chuan1=1Wu JunQiangView150Horse VS 7th Pawn7882021-07-28 12:52:48
2021072763WangKuo1=1Zhong ShaoHongView36Elephant opening,others7812021-07-28 12:07:42
2021072762Zheng YiHong0-2Zheng WeiTongView140Pawn Right Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon27312021-07-28 01:58:42
2021072752Wang RuiXiang0-2Jiang ChuanView1285th & 8th Cannons VS Sandwich Horses defence24112021-07-27 13:12:09
2021072751Zheng WeiTong2+0WangKuoView51Pawn Right Horse VS Elephant63672021-07-27 11:58:22
2021072644Jing XueYi0-2Wu JunQiangView96Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange15952021-07-27 00:55:16
2021072641Jiang Chuan1=1Zheng WeiTongView75Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon17692021-07-26 22:16:41
2021072643Zheng YiHong1=1Wang RuiXiangView62Cross Palace Cannon VS Left Horse6912021-07-26 22:16:26
2021072632Zheng WeiTong2+0Zhong ShaoHongView89Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn28892021-07-26 12:39:57
2021072521Jiang Chuan2+0SongChangHaiView115Cross Palace Cannon,others22632021-07-25 23:52:19
2021072523Zheng YiHong0-2WangKuoView142Cross Palace Cannon VS Left Horse28672021-07-25 22:15:32
2021072514WangKuo2+0Jing XueYiView105Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon36722021-07-25 11:46:13
2021072511Zheng WeiTong2+0Liu MingView99Elephant VS 7th Pawn32712021-07-25 11:45:44
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