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2021 14th National Games of the People's Republic of China Men's individual Open group Final:Info Games Rank Pairing Stats
Match DateRoundTableRedResultBlackGameMovesOpeningViewsLast Update
2021080272Jiang Chuan0-2Zheng WeiTongView48Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange196372021-08-02 14:35:09
2021080271Zheng WeiTong1=1Jiang ChuanView95Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant71482021-08-02 14:34:57
2021080275Li HanLin0-2Wu JunQiangView1505th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn53782021-08-02 14:32:08
2021080274Li HanLin1=1Wu JunQiangView67Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn Right Cannon24662021-08-02 14:31:51
2021080273Wu JunQiang1=1Li HanLinView73Central Cannon VS Left 3-step Tiger defence20212021-08-02 14:31:43
2021080161Zheng WeiTong2+0Li HanLinView67Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Right Elephant75622021-08-01 20:37:02
2021080162Wu JunQiang0-2Jiang ChuanView845th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn49582021-08-01 20:36:57
2021080153WangKuo2+0Ni MinView89Pawn opening VS Elephant24892021-08-01 16:07:51
2021080154Zhong ShaoHong2+0ZhangHuiMinView199Elephant VS 7th Pawn11462021-08-01 16:07:36
2021080152Jiang Chuan1=1Su ShaofengView59Central Cannon VS Single Horse defence10772021-08-01 16:07:21
2021080151Zheng WeiTong1=1Wu JunQiangView82Pawn VS Pawn13452021-08-01 16:07:09
2021080155Li HanLin2+0Liu MingView815th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn13292021-08-01 16:06:52
2021080156Zheng YiHong2+0Zheng XinView77Pawn VS Pawn11462021-08-01 16:06:25
2021073142Wu JunQiang1=1Jiang ChuanView81Central CannonPawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses 3rd & 7th Pawn9082021-08-01 15:45:48
2021073144Ni Min1=1Zhong ShaoHongView48Elephant opening,others6992021-08-01 15:45:37
2021073145ZhangHuiMin1=1Zheng YiHongView67Elephant VS 7th Pawn6622021-08-01 15:45:25
2021073146Liu Ming2+0Zheng XinView61Pawn VS Right Horse6892021-08-01 15:45:18
2021073143Su Shaofeng2+0WangKuoView91Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn25142021-08-01 00:29:57
2021073141Zheng WeiTong2+0Li HanLinView97Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Right Elephant32142021-08-01 00:24:10
2021073131WangKuo1=1Zheng WeiTongView87Elephant opening VS Left Horse32102021-07-31 14:46:46
2021073132Li HanLin1=1Wu JunQiangView65Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn Right Cannon10272021-07-31 14:46:42
2021073133Jiang Chuan2+0Zheng YiHongView111Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn Right Cannon25552021-07-31 14:46:37
2021073134Ni Min1=1ZhangHuiMinView68Elephant VS 7th Pawn9022021-07-31 14:46:26
2021073135Zheng Xin0-2Su ShaofengView64Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others14292021-07-31 14:46:21
2021073136Zhong ShaoHong2+0Liu MingView117Elephant VS 7th Pawn14012021-07-31 14:46:17
2021073021Zheng WeiTong2+0Jiang ChuanView153Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon48842021-07-31 00:46:31
2021073023Li HanLin2+0Zhong ShaoHongView93Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn15992021-07-31 00:46:21
2021073024Zheng YiHong1=1Ni MinView37Cross Palace Cannon,others9192021-07-31 00:46:16
2021073025Su Shaofeng1=1Liu MingView52Elephant VS 7th Pawn7152021-07-31 00:46:10
2021073026ZhangHuiMin1=1Zheng XinView51Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon6692021-07-31 00:46:05
2021073022Wu JunQiang1=1WangKuoView117Pawn opening VS Elephant18312021-07-30 19:05:24
2021072913WangKuo2+0Zheng XinView69Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse28902021-07-29 18:41:04
2021072912Jiang Chuan2+0ZhangHuiMinView145Palcorner Cannon VS Left Horse26042021-07-29 18:40:59
2021072914Wu JunQiang2+0Su ShaofengView69Palcorner Cannon,others20442021-07-29 18:40:47
2021072915Zhong ShaoHong1=1Zheng YiHongView55Elephant VS 7th Pawn10232021-07-29 18:40:42
2021072916Ni Min1=1Li HanLinView47Horse VS 7th Pawn12302021-07-29 18:40:38
2021072911Liu Ming0-2Zheng WeiTongView1085th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn28572021-07-29 18:11:28
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