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2016 8th HanXin Cup Xiangqi International Tournament Final:Info Games Rank Pairing Stats
2016 8th HanXin Cup Xiangqi International Tournament Final -> Pairing本比赛仅一轮
Table 1Vietnam5LAI LyHuynh1:3 0-2 Cao YanLei9Macao Place 1 to 2 Final Contest [11] 54%
1LAI LyHuynh1=1 Cao YanLei game
2LAI LyHuynhB/0-2 Cao YanLei game
Table 2China2Xie Jing4:6 0-2 Zheng WeiTong12China Place 3 to 4 Final Contest [25] 40%
1Xie Jing1=1 Zheng WeiTong game
2Xie JingB/1=1 Zheng WeiTong game
3Xie JingB/1=1 Zheng WeiTong game
4Xie Jing1=1 Zheng WeiTong game
5Xie Jing0-2 Zheng WeiTong game
Table 3Macao6Li JinHuan2:4 0-2 Chen Ming10China Place 5 to 6 Final Contest
1Li JinHuanB/1=1 Chen Ming game
2Li JinHuan1=1 Chen Ming game
3Li JinHuan0-2 Chen Ming game
Table 4Germany1XueHanDi0:2 0-2 Wang TianYi7China Place 7 to 8 Final Contest [1] 0%
1XueHanDiB/0-2 Wang TianYi game
Table 5Indonesia4IWAN SETIAWAN1:3 0-2 Huang XueQian8HongKong Place 9 to 10 Final Contest [1] 50%
1IWAN SETIAWANB/1=1 Huang XueQian game
2IWAN SETIAWAN0-2 Huang XueQian game
Table 6Germany3NAEGLE2:0 2+0 SHOSHI KAZUHARU11Japan Place 11 to 12 Final Contest [3] 50%
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