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Current Rating:2345
Max Rating:2345
Min Rating:2345
Worst Rank:146
 Best Rank:146
Games:71 Game Views:220799 Intro Views:32218  Opening Views:311
Games:All Games All Red All Black All Win All Draw All Loss Red Win Black Win Black Win Black Draw Red Loss Black Loss

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Player HeWeiNing Recent Games:
20170702 WangTianYi 2+0 HeWeiNing 2017 National XiangQi League
20170625 HeWeiNing 1=1 SunYiYang 2017 National XiangQi League
20170611 HeWeiNing 1=1 ChenFuJie 2017 National XiangQi League
20170603 HeWeiNing 1=1 ZhaoZiYu 2017 National XiangQi League
20170510 HeWeiNing 2+0 Liu ZongZe 2nd 2017 DaQing Cup XiangQi Open
20170509 Hao JiChao 2+0 HeWeiNing 2nd 2017 DaQing Cup XiangQi Open
20170509 HeWeiNing 2+0 JiSheng 2nd 2017 DaQing Cup XiangQi Open
20170509 HeWeiNing 2+0 Zhao Wei 2nd 2017 DaQing Cup XiangQi Open
20170508 HeWenZhe 1=1 HeWeiNing 2017 National XiangQi League
20170507 WuJunQiang 2+0 HeWeiNing 2017 National XiangQi League

Player:HeWeiNing History Achievement:
No.End DateCategoryEventsRankingWinDrawLossSuccess(%)PairingPlaceChampion
12017-11-10100022017 National XiangQi League005427.78Pairing
22017-07-21100252017 14th WeiKai Realty Cup Non-Master Championship Men5935350PairingBeiJingYao HongXin
32017-05-11100442nd 2017 DaQing Cup XiangQi Open561272.22PairingHeLongJiangHao JiChao
42016-11-26100022016 China National XiangQi League5835542.31PairingXu YinChuan
52016-11-21100442016 National Amateur XiangQi Champion Tournament Final Juvenile male group660366.67PairingJiangSuLiangYunLong
62016-11-03100012016 China Individual Xiangqi Championships Men Class B7820528.57PairingJinLingLiBingXian
72016-08-29100442016 DaQing Cup HeiLongJiang XiangQi Open761272.22PairingHeLongJiangCuiWeiDong
82016-08-26100441st 2016 DaQing Cup XiangQi Open1244166.67PairingHeLongJiangHao JiChao
92016-08-14100552016 7th YangGuangLin Cup XiangQi Open Preliminary Contest5653359.09PairingDongGuang,GuangDongChen LiuGang
102016-07-30100392016 9th Nation Youth Xiangqi Campionship Men543261.11PairingZheJiangXu Hao
112016-07-22100252016 13th WeiKai Realty Cup Non-Master Championship Man2245259.09PairingBeiJingLi DeZhi
122016-07-16100462016 XingChen City,LiaoNing QiXie Cup XiangQi Open672272.73PairingLiaoNingHe WenZhe
132016-05-15100462016 2nd ShanQiu City,HeNan QiXie Cup Xiangqi Open3964361.54PairingHeNanChen FuJie
142015-12-23108822015 HaiKou City,HaiNan Xiangqi Open1562363.64PairingHaiNanMeng Chen
152015-09-20100122015 3rd National Mind Sports Games XiangQi Juvenile Mix Team181094.44PairingShanDong
162015-08-08100392015 Nation Junior and Boys Xiangqi Championships Group A654263.64PairingHeiLongJiangJiXingHai
172015-07-31100392015 8th Nation Youth Xiangqi Campionship Men1333256.25PairingZheJiangGuoFengDa
182015-07-18100252015 12th WeiKai Realty Cup Non-Master Championship Man7743450PairingBeiJingWangXingYe
192015-04-13100022015 China National XiangQi League Trail4902320PairingZheJiang
202015-01-18108822015 1st XingTai City HeBei Xiangqi Open Trail7054453.85PairingHeBeiMeng Chen
212015-01-04100442015 John Prince Cup XiangQi Open12265456.67PairingHuiZhou,GuangDongHanQiang
222014-10-18108822014 NanYang City,HeNan YingTongShui Cup Xiangqi Open2145259.09PairingHeNanBu FengBo
232014-10-14108822014 3rd JiYuan City,Henan ZhongZheng Garden Cup Xiangqi Open8071557.69PairingHeNanBu FengBo
242014-09-26100552014 6th Yang GuangLin Cup XiangQi Open Division7123631.82PairingDongGuang,GuangDongLi HanLin
252014-08-26100552014 6th YangGuangLin Cup XiangQi Open Preliminary Contest4953359.09PairingDongGuang,GuangDongLi DeZhi
262014-08-08100392014 Nation Junior and Boys Xiangqi Championships Group B757165.38PairingShenZhen,GuangDongChengYuDong
272014-07-19100252014 11th WeiKai Realty Cup Non-Master Championship Man2927061.11PairingBeiJingWangYaQi
282014-06-08100512014 2nd ShangHai ChuanSha Cup XiangQi Open6733350PairingShangHaiWangHao
292014-04-12100022014 China National Xiangqi League Trail1632257.14PairingShanXiYao HongXin
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